Ordering dental supplies from multiple vendors is key to running a financially efficient dental practice. You have asked your ordering manager to be diligent when it comes to ordering supplies but there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. Having seen this across hundreds of offices, our team set out to create centralized ordering process that allows your ordering manager to order the dental supplies you want, from the vendors you prefer, in a single online ordering portal. You have access to all of your past product history and purchase items from different vendors into a centralized ADVO Shopping Cart. Upon checkout the items are automatically purchased from the vendors you choose and shipped to your office. This drastically reduces the time your office manager and front office staff spend on supply ordering.

  • Stop logging in to 5-10 different sites to order the supplies you need
  • Spend less time ordering and more time on clinical work
  • Central Ordering and Shipment Tracking