ADVO only allows trusted licensed dental suppliers on our Smart Ordering Platform. You can rest assured that dental supplies ordered through ADVO meet our strict standards.

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Hundreds of dental offices trust ADVO with their dental procurement since we implement a strict vetting process for all suppliers on the ADVO Smart Ordering Platform. Access top dental suppliers and house brands featuring thousands of dental products from companies you can trust. We offer a safe guaranteed return policy.


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Dentists, orthodontists, periodontists, and more can find the orthodontic & dental supplies they need on our Smart Ordering Platform. Compare prices for products and like products from multiple dental supply companies to help manage your supply overhead.


No Gray Market Guarantee

The ADVO No Gray Market Guarantee is our promise to you to never allow gray market suppliers on our ordering platform. Rest assured that you are providing your patients with the best care possible with high-quality supplies from dental suppliers that we’ve carefully evaluated.

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What Are Gray Market Supplies?
Gray market supplies are dental supplies that are sold through an unauthorized and unsecured supply chain. Sometimes the dental supplies may be from an authorized and trusted source, however, there is no guarantee that those supplies have been shipped, stored correctly, or relabeled to conceal that they are past their expiration date.

The World Health Organization believes that nearly 16% of the global drug market was made up of counterfeit products. In 2014 alone, nearly 16,000 pieces of illegal dental equipment was seized.
Does ADVO Sell Gray Market Supplies?
No way! We only work with licensed suppliers and are 100% transparent with the suppliers your products are coming from. We follow OSHA’s protocol to protect you, your office, and your patients to give your patients the best quality care.

It’s important to us that you trust our No Gray Market Guarantee. If, at any time you discover a supplier who might be providing gray market supplies, call us and we will immediately evaluate the supplier.
Who Bills Me—ADVO Or The Suppliers?
ADVO will ONLY bill you for your monthly ADVO subscription.

Each supplier will continue to bill you as they normally do for the orders you place. You can still receive monthly invoices with the statements you’re familiar with. Your bills will still come directly from the suppliers you use through ADVO’s Smart Ordering Platform.

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