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Achieve a 4% supply overhead and maximize your net return with ADVO’s Smart Ordering Platform and budget management software. Always know the best prices for the dental supplies you use with our price comparison tool. Shop top dental supplies online to analyze costs easily and effectively. Think it’s not possible? Let us show you how it’s done.

How We ADVOcate 4% Dental Supply Overhead


Implement Our Robust Cost Management System

We focus on your dental practice budget so you can focus on your gross production. With ADVO, you can set your budget parameters and our system does the rest.


Set 4% Supply Overhead

Many dentists feel that a 5% dental supply overhead is an impossible dream, but ADVO believes you can achieve 4% with our system. Set your supply overhead goal at 4%. With the ADVO group discounts, price comparison tool, and the help of your ADVO coach, we’ll help you meet that goal.


Get Budget Notifications & Reports

Stay on top of your budget with instant notifications and easy-to-read reports. Get alerts when your supply orders near your budget limits so you can limit or approve any additional expenditures. Help your staff stay within budget without the extra hassle of spreadsheets and comparison shopping, so they can get back to doing what they do best—assisting patients.


Work With Your ADVO Coach

Each order is reviewed by your ADVO coach so we can help you get the best price possible for the dental equipment you need. We’ll provide suggestions and alert you to cost-saving opportunities that will make an impact on your bottom line.

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Get ready for big savings with the ADVO Smart Ordering Platform and budget management dentist software. We can run a free cost comparison for you to show how much you’ll save with ADVO.


What Is The Average Dental Supply Overhead For Dental Practices?
Most dental practices have a 6 to 6.5% dental supply overhead but that number often creeps up into the double digits for many dentists who do not keep an eye on their budget or delegate supply ordering. For many dentists, a 5% supply overhead is the magic number, but at ADVO we believe we can do better.

We ADVOcate a 4% supply overhead and we’re committed to helping you achieve that goal.
Is ADVO Easy To Implement And Learn?
Yes. We realize that in many dental offices, the person in charge of ordering supplies is your dental assistant or office staff. Often, they are not privy to the office budget and their primary concern is keeping the office well-stocked with the supplies they need and to provide patients with the best care possible.

Since ordering dental supplies online is often done on lunch breaks or in-between patients, they don’t have the time to quickly and efficiently compare prices to get the best deals.

ADVO eases the supply ordering process and allows your office staff to quickly and intuitively find the best prices for the dental supplies you need. Our Smart Ordering Platform will alert your staff when your dental supply order is nearing your defined budget limit.

Our software coaches are available to help you train and implement the ADVO system into your office and we’re happy to help answer any questions your team might have.
Can ADVO Help Me Manage Multiple Dental Offices?
Yes. Our Enterprise-Level membership allows you to manage the supply ordering for multiple offices from a single location. Or, you can implement the ADVO ordering system in each individual office that sends advanced budget reports to your central corporate office so you can monitor and track the performance of each location.

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