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Instantly view and compare prices for your preferred dental supplies online from multiple dental suppliers to see who has the best deal or discount. Reduce your supplies overhead through smart online shopping that saves you time.

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Tired of negotiating with dental supply reps? Not sure if you’re really getting the best price possible? Now you can see exactly how much each product costs for a negotiated group price discount that is transparent with our dentist software. ADVO is the no hassle, no stress dental supply ordering system.

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Shop thousands of dental supplies online from top suppliers and house brands. See the ADVO pricing difference with our leveraged buying power that brings you steep discounts and cost savings on the dental products you trust.

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Get ready for big savings with the ADVO Smart Ordering Platform and budget management dentist software. We can run a free cost comparison for you to show how much you’ll save with ADVO.


How Does ADVO Smart Ordering work?
Most dental offices order supplies through a dental representative. This approach locks you into a single supplier and makes it difficult to ensure you are getting the best prices on your supplies. Plus, if you are an individual practitioner, solo dentist, or small dental office, you might not be getting the leveraged buying power that large group dental practices get which can make it hard to stay competitive.

ADVO Smart Ordering lets you place orders for your dental supplies from all major dental suppliers in a single ordering platform. Save money by comparing prices and save time by submitting your order through a single online portal. No more negotiating with dental representatives. No more multiple ordering systems. Total price transparency. And, steep discounts on the products and house brands you prefer.
Does ADVO Charge Per Order Fees Or Product Markup?
No. ADVO does not charge per order fees or markup any products. No markup means more supply cost savings for you.
How Is ADVO Different From My Current Dental Supplier?
ADVO isn’t a dental supplier.

We are a smart ordering software system that helps you manage your dental supply overhead. Our dental supply software compiles the products and prices into one smart ordering platform that lets you compare prices, get group pricing discounts, and track your expenditures.

When you order supplies through the ADVO Smart Ordering Platform, we send your order to reputable licensed suppliers that you know.

Compare our process to buying an airline ticket. You can buy directly through the airline, or you can buy through an online price shopping tool such as Expedia that lets you find the best prices from different airlines and are the one-stop-shop for your trip logistics, from hotels to car rentals.

ADVO is like the Expedia of dental supplies. We are here to help you streamline and manage your dental procurement system while helping you save thousands of dollars on quality dental products. Our goal is to help you get your dental supply overhead to 4% of your budget or lower.
What Dental Suppliers Does ADVO Work With?
We work with the top dental suppliers and house brands with the best reputation among dentists. View our products page for a comprehensive list of our vendors. We can work with any supplier that you want to use, even if they are not on our vendor list.

With one exception . . .

ADVO’s Gray Market Guarantee means that we won’t work with any company known to sell gray market goods. If a supplier doesn’t measure up to our standard of care, we do not allow them on the ADVO platform.

At ADVO, we know our dentists want to deliver the highest quality of care to their patients and gray market goods can be dangerous. This is why we carefully evaluate our suppliers to ensure that no gray market supplies or products from unlicensed suppliers are sold through our Smart Ordering Platform.
How Long Does It Take To Get Dentist Supplies Through ADVO?
Once your order is placed in the ADVO Smart Ordering Platform, it is sent to your ADVO Coach who will analyze your order for additional savings options. If there are savings options, we’ll quickly communicate those options to you for your order confirmation.

Once you confirm your order with the maximum savings possible, we’ll send your order directly to the supplier you choose. From there, the timing of your order is dependent upon your supplier and their shipping process.
How Does ADVO Get The Best Prices On Dental Supplies?
Our ninja-like price negotiating skills are our secret, but we’ll spill a few of the details.

First, our software continually monitors market prices and compares what you pay in relation to other dental offices. We show you what prices you currently have with your dental supplier and allow you to compare prices with other suppliers.

Next, your dedicated ADVO coach will review your dental supplies order and will suggest alternate suppliers or dental products that will save you money while still delivering the best value.

Finally, ADVO is constantly negotiating with suppliers and leveraging our growing buying power to get you bigger discounts through group pricing and bulk ordering.
Does ADVO Work With My Current Dental Supplier Representative?
Yes, of course! We would love to be introduced to your dental supply representative. Our software can route your dental supply orders to the representative you prefer. As your dental supply ordering partner, we will work with your representative to make sure you are getting the best prices on your dental supplies. Having us on your side means we can bring our strong negotiating position to the table due to the amount of price data we collect in our system so you get the lowest prices and the highest discounts possible.

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