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Our Prices are simple and transparent, and you can choose from two tailored plans for your dental office.

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Per Month

A full-service order management system that’s easy to use and provides the best prices in the industry. Designed for offices that order less than $1,500 in supplies per month.

Top Features

Industry Leading smart ordering platform

Full supply cost management system

Price comparison tools to find you more savings

Limit of 5 ADVO orders per month



Save 20% with an annual plan

(only $439)

A robust order management system that supports the evolving needs of your growing practice with a dedicated ADVO coach and Business ADVOcate

Everything in Startup, plus

No Order Limits

Order from any licensed supply vendor, including ADVO's prime vendors

Access to ADVO's market place partners

Full service and support from an ADVO Coach & Business ADVOcate


If you have over 20 dental offices, call us for special Enterprise Pricing.

Everything In Prime, Plus

Single Sign On Integration

Multi Office Administration

Advanced Reporting Tools

No per order fees or product markup

ADVO doesn’t charge any fees per order or markup any products. No markup means more supply costs savings for you.

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Common Questions

How is ADVO different from my current dental supplier?

ADVO isn’t a supplier.

When you order supplies through our smart ordering platform, we send your order to reputable licensed suppliers that you know.

Compare it to buying an airline ticket. You can buy directly through Delta or you can buy through Expedia exists to help you find the best price on the flights from different airlines and they give you one place to buy everything you need for your trip, hotels, cars, etc.

ADVO is similar. We are here to help you streamline and save as much money possible on quality dental products.

Does ADVO sell Gray Market Products?

No Way! We only work with licensed suppliers and are 100% transparent with the suppliers your products are coming from. We follow OSHA's protocol to protect you and your office and most importantly to give your patients the best quality care.

How does ADVO get paid?

As your dental advocate, we believe in being 100% transparent in our business practices.

Rather than markup supplies or get kickbacks from suppliers, we charge a simple monthly fee to use our software and get the benefits of a dedicated ordering coach.

This approach helps us ensure we are always on your side fighting for the best prices and not trying to sell you high markup products to get paid more, like traditional dental reps.

What Suppliers does ADVO work with?

View our products page for a list of our main vendors but we can work with ANY supplier that you want to use. The one exception is those companies who have been known to sell gray market goods. If the supplier doesn’t measure up to our standard of care we cannot allow them to be on our platform.

How long does it take to get Supplies with ADVO?

As soon as you place your order in the ADVO Smart Ordering Platform it is sent to your ADVO Coach who will analyze and see if there are any additional savings options. Then will be sent directly to the supplier you choose.

How does ADVO help find the best prices?

That’s our secret but we’ll let you in on the details.

First, our software is continually monitoring market prices and comparing what you pay in relation to other dental offices. We show you the prices that you currently have with your supplier and allow you to compare prices with other suppliers.

Next, your dedicated ADVO coach will review the items that you are purchasing and can suggest alternate suppliers or products that will save you money while still delivering the best value.

Finally, ADVO is constantly negotiating with suppliers to get bigger discounts through group pricing and bulk ordering.

How does Billing work with ADVO?

ADVO will ONLY bill you for your monthly ADVO Subscription.

Nothing changes in relationship to how you are billed with the supplier. You can still get invoiced monthly and have the statements you are used to. The billing still comes directly from the suppliers you use through ADVOs smart ordering platform.

Does ADVO work with my current dental rep?

Yes, of course! We would love to be introduced and have our software route orders to the rep you prefer. We will work with the rep to make sure you are getting the best prices on your supplies and have strong negotiating power due to the amount of price data that exists in our platform.

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