Simply the best way to order dental supplies ADVO Smart Ordering Platform helps your dental practice save money and time by streamlining your supply ordering process and finding the best prices on products.

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Most dental offices order supplies through a dental representative. This approach locks you into a single supplier and makes it difficult to ensure you are getting the best prices on your supplies. With ADVO Smart Ordering, now you place orders from all major suppliers in a single ordering platform. This saves money by allowing you to compare prices and saves time by submitting the order in a single online portal.

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"Our office has been using ADVO dental for almost a year now. It has lowered our overall supply cost by about 50%. It has also made ordering a lot less time consuming as they do all the leg work to find the best prices. No more negotiating or shopping for the best deals. Travis has been great to work with and is willing to go the extra mile to even find us great deals on equipment, instruments, and other supplies that we don’t order on a regular basis. I would recommend Travis to any office looking to streamline and save money on their dental supply orders."

Heath Blake D.D.S

Ordering from ADVO has been nothing short of great! They are always so good about getting us top quality products while making sure to get the best deal possible. We love both Travis and Whitney; they are great at what they do and are also the nicest, most personable people! I highly recommend using ADVO to order your products!

Stacy Simmons RDA

Travis Gillespie has redefined the dental supply business. Imagine having a dental supply representative being YOUR advocate with manufactures. Imagine your supply representative negotiating better prices for YOU. Imagine a supply representative monitoring YOUR budget and continually suggesting great new products that cost you less. Imagine a supply representative finding satisfaction with YOUR savings. ADVO Dental not only saves us hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, they help train our staff how to be more efficient and stay within a budget. What's more, ADVO has never presented a "gray market" material, or pushed a product that doesn't measure up to the standard of care. In short, ADVO Dental feels more like a business partner than a dental supply representative. We can't thank ADVO enough for what they are doing for our group.

Kurt Christensen D.D.S

Someone asked about dental supplies and I just wanted to share our experience with ADVO Dental. They work hard to make sure we get the best prices and make ordering condensed and easy. We have really enjoyed working with Travis Gillespie at ADVO Dental.

Becca Lynn Hutchins

I have worked in many offices and have been head of ordering many times. I have worked with all the major supply companies and their reps. And I have to say that meeting Travis Gillespie and working with his company ADVO dental has been the best experience! They have saved thousands of dollars for many doctors and make the ordering process so easy with little time involved! I know as a dental assistant time is important and any money you can save your office only benefits its employees! ADVO is by far the best choice!

Jessica McCann

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